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Team for the preparation of the OPEC Annual Statistical Bulletin

Secretary General
Chairman of the Editorial Board
Haitham Al Ghais

Director, Research Division
Ayed S. Al-Qahtani

Head, Data Services Department
Huda Ali Hamadi Almwasawy

Coordinator, Statistics Team, Project Leader
Mhammed Mouraia

Statistics Team
Pantelis Christodoulides, Klaus Stöger, Mohammad Sattar,
Mihni Mihnev, Justinas Pelenis, Mansi Ghodsi, Hana Elbadri, Ksenia Gutman

Coordinator, IT Development Team
Mohamed Khalefa Sarrab

IT Development Team
Vedran Blazevic, Hannes Eichner, Roland Kammerer, Vedran Hrgovcic, Zairul Arifin, Elke Meyer

Editorial Team
Officer-in-Charge, Public Relations and Information Department

Hasan AlHamadi

Scott Laury

Coordinator, Design and Production
Carola Bayer

Senior Production Assistant
Andrea Birnbach

Graphic Designer
Tara Starnegg

Courtesy OPEC.